• Issue: March 1949
  • Designer: F. Kraus
  • Plate no.: 1
  • Method of printing: Photolithography

The national flag of the State of Israel was officially determined only six months after the country's establishment, but the flag itself - a white rectangle with two blue lines across its entire length and a Magen David (Star of David) occupying the center - had been long familiar to the people, being the flag of the Zionist movement.

The flag of Zionism was first created by David Wolfsohn, head of the Zionist Organization after Herzl's death. He forged the flag on the model of the tallit, which was, he noted, the traditional flag of the Jewish people, and added the Magen David in the middle. In 1933 the 18th Zionist Congress decided that "by long tradition, the blue and white flag is the flag of the Zionist Organization and the Jewish people."

Through a special order by Winston Churchill, this flag was made the official flag of the Jewish Brigade Group during World War II.

On the tabs, which were to the left and right of each vertical row, the flag stands alone against a white background.

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National Flag of Israel