• Issue: November 1962
  • Designer: M. & G. Shamir
  • Plate no.: 72
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Founded in 1948, the original goal of El-Al, Israel's national airline was to provide a better means of transportation for Jewish immigrants. At first the Airline was manned by volunteers and the aircraft originated from WW II surplus.(DC-4 Skymasters and C-46 Curtis Commandos). El-Al's establishment played a decisive role in saving the imperilled Jewish communities of the Middle East.

As of 1949, El-Al's purpose changed and regular flights to Paris and Rome were scheduled. In 1950, the company acquired Constellations and the routes covered included Athens, Zurich, Vienna, London, Nairobi, Johannesburg, and New York. Istanbul, Brussels, Amsterdam, Frankfort, Munich, Copenhagen and Teheran were added on. Since 1996, there are 50 international regular flight schedules on El-Al, including Beijing and New Delhi, as well as 9 cities in the U.S.A

Since 1996 El-Al owns 26 Boeing aircraft including ten 747-200, three 747-400, five 757 and four 767.The Jewish Agency, Zim (the national shipping agency) and the government of Israel, own the major parts of El-Al's shares, while the Histadrut (the workers association), holds a small portion of the shares. Practically all the training of a staff of around 3,400 is done in house at the Lod Airport.

El-Al has a large passenger clientele,(in 1994 2,477,000) and is a major cargo carrier (197,000 tons in 1994).

El-Al has been a repeated target for terrorists attack, fortunately most of these were foiled due to an excellent security system. However, despite all the precautions taken, a passenger was killed in Athens (1968) and a crew member lost his life in Zurich (1969).

El-Al has played a crucial role in the 1990's bringing a steady flow of immigrants from Russia and Ethiopia. The company also played a crucial role during the Gulf War (1991),remaining the sole active airline , as all other airlines ceased flying to Israel.

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13 Years EL AL Israel Airlines