youth year

  • Issue: July 1985
  • Designer: N. & M. Eshel
  • Stamp size: 25.7 x 40 mm
  • Plate no.: 120
  • Sheet of 15 stamps Tabs: 5
  • Printers: E. Lewin-Epstein Ltd.
  • Method of printing: Photolithography

The year 1985 was declared "International Youth Year" by the United Nations for the purpose of reminding all nations of their dual responsibility towards their youth: to do all in their power to provide each young person with the best education also doing everything possible to develop their personalities and social responsibility and to ensure them a life of peace, freedom, honour and comfort.

Israeli society devotes great and varied efforts to the education and progress of its youth. This is in the spirit of Israel's Declaration of Independence which states: "the State of Israel . . . will concentrate on developing the country for the benefit of its inhabitants based on the principles of freedom, justice and peace as prophesied by her Prophets; will ensure equal social and political rights for all its citizens without distinction as to religion, race, sex". In accordance with this declaration, the State of Israel devotes considerable educational resources to provide equal opportunities for all its youth which means, in effect, giving priority to pupils in need of special attention and to problematic youth. As a result, almost all youth, boys and girls, in Israel today - Jews, Arabs, Circassians, Druze and Christians alike - study in elementary and secondary schools and are given the chance to take their place in society and advance in accordance with their abilities. Those who choose to go out to work are also cared for and are provided with a wide range of technical courses which help them learn a trade and complete their formal education. These educational efforts are supplemented by a large choice of activities aimed at enriching their social and cultural lives. These activities are held in schools, youth centres and community centres, clubs and other centres manned by members of voluntary organizations, and provide the youth with an opportunity to indulge in activities that interest them - to meet youth of their own age; to become involved with their communities, to acquire human and social values; to prepare themselves to take an active part in Israel's democratic-pluralistic society and to provide maximum help to youth coming from the weak and problematic sectors of society.

Among the various programmes set up for International Youth Year under the slogan of "Peace, Involvement and Brotherly Love" is one that enables youth from all parts of the country to work and serve in towns and communities requiring help and assistance. Thus you will find young people helping pupils prepare their lessons; acting as youth leaders in clubs, on the sports field, in youth organizations; helping the Magen David Adom to aid the injured; helping old people in their homes or institutions and the sick in hospital. All those taking part in the programme are given instruction before and during their work.

Another activity is in the form of educational programmes devoted to promoting a greater understanding of democracy by preaching the importance of tolerance, recognizing and respecting their neighbours, whose ways are different from theirs; co-existence between the different communities, arranging inter-group get-togethers. Great efforts are devoted to helping youth in need of special attention in an effort to provide them with equal opportunities in life. Special youth workers in Jewish, Arab, Druze, Circassian and Christian communities organize activities to enrich their lives. The challenge is not an easy one since most of the youths concerned neither study nor work and tend to get involved in criminal activities, but the devoted efforts of the educational workers do offer them an opportunity to educate themselves towards living useful and orderly lives.

This is but a brief summary of how Israel is playing its part in the International Youth Year and cooperating in the efforts of the people of the world to provide their youth with lives of peace, freedom, brotherly love, honour, comfort and happiness.

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International youth year 1985