• Issue: November 1985
  • Designer: Z. Rosenberg
  • Stamp size: 40 x 25.7 mm
  • Plate no.: 124
  • Sheet of 15 stamps Tabs: 5
  • Printers: Government Printers
  • Method of printing: Photogravure

Gedera was founded in the year 1884 by the members of BILU. Its name was taken from the Bible and signifies a fenced-off area for guarding the sheep at night. The founding-fathers believed that this was the site of the "Gedera" mentioned in connection with the inheritance of the tribe of Judah (Joshua, 15.36).

From the highest point of Gedera, one gets a wonderful view over the hills, the coastal plain and the Judean mountains. To the north lies Rehovot; to the west, the historic town of Yavne; to the east, the coastal plain and the Judean mountains.

Gedera is a BILU settlement and represents the greatest achievement of the first wave of settlement. Its name symbolizes the achievements of a small group of immigrants who overcame human and natural obstacles in their fight to redeem the land and recreate a Jewish settlement based on the spirit of Zionism in accordance with the motto emblazoned on their banners "Oh House of Jacob, come ye and let us go.

The Bilu organization was founded in Russia by a group of young students reacting to the Russian pogroms. They came to Eretz Israel in 1882 and settled first in Jaffa, Mikve Israel, Rishon Leziyyon and Jerusalem, where they endured many hard-ships. After years of toil, and with the help of Rabbi

Yehiel Michael Pines, the HOVEVEI ZION purchased land for the BILU and on the second day of Hanukka 1884 nine members of BILU, spades and hoes in their hands, reached the bleak deserted hill of Gedera and took up residence in the hut prepared for them by their patron, Rabbi Pines. Instead of two Hanukka candles, they then lit two bonfires in honour of the event. In spite of being harassed by their Arab neighbours, they persevered, planted vineyards and almond orchards, sowed crops and lived a communal life sharing not only their meals but all their income and expenses.

Today, Gedera is a thriving settlement, built on seven hills and surrounded by greenery. Its farmers make their living from vineyards and orchards. It boasts educational institutions and light industry. Gedera's present population numbers some 7,000 souls and is famous for the quality of its fresh air which is so beneficial to asthma sufferers and as a settlement that has managed to preserve its agricultural character.

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