Huberman The Sea of Galilee

  • Issue: February 1992
  • Designer: R. Salomon
  • Stamp size: 25.7 x 40 mm
  • Plate no.: 152
  • Sheet of 9 stamps Tabs: 3
  • Printers: E. Lewin-Epstein Ltd.
  • Method of printing: Offset

Lake Kinneret (the Biblical Sea of Galilee) is the only large freshwater lake in Israel and is the major reservoir for a national grid which supplies water for domestic, industrial and agricultural use throughout the entire country. In addition to its crucial role in Israel's water economy, the lake and its cafchmenf area (the Upper Galilee, Golan Heights and the Jordan Valley) are important centres for tourism and pilgrimage, attracting visitors from all over the world to many archaeological and historic sites. Vacationers may choose from a wide range of activities in the region, from lakeside bathing and hot baths, to hill walks, horse riding, river crafting, ice skating or skiing. As in Biblical times, commercial lake fishing is an important activity.

The rapid development of the Kinneret area has brought many environmental pressures on the lake and pollution from a host of human activities. Careful planning and administration by the Kinneret Administration, a governmental organisation established in 1969 to direct and control development along the Kinneret shores and throughout the catchment basin, has proved effective in minimising harmful impacts on the lake's water. Ongoing monitoring and extensive research by scientists at the Kinneret Limnological Laboratory have helped the Kinneret Administration to maintain water quality.

A comprehensive master plan governing future land and lake shore uses, serves as a guideline to preserve and improve the quality of life around the shores of this unique and scenic lake.

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The Sea of Galilee - source of water and life