Sheikh Ameen Tarif

  • Issue: April 2003
  • Designer: Ruth Beckman-Malka
  • Stamp Size: 30.8 mm x 30.8 mm
  • Plate no.: 519 (two phosphor bars)
  • Sheet of 15 stamps Tabs: 5
  • Printers: E. Lewin-Epstein Ltd.
  • Method of printing: offset

Sheikh Ameen Tarif, spiritual Druze leader anc President of the Druze Appeal Court, was born into the Tarif family, a religious family that headed the Druze community since 1753.

In 1928, with the death of Sheikh Ameen's father Sheikh Tarif Tarif, who headed the Druze community from 1889-1928, Sheikh Ameen Tarif was appointer Druze leader.

Sheikh Ameen Tarif completed his religious studies with distinction at the El Bida Religious College in Lebanon. In 1957 the Druze community was legally recognized and in 1961 the Druze Religious Council was established and headed by the spiritual leader Sheikh Ameen Tarif. A law was passed in 1962 in the Druze reliaious court and the Sheikh was appointed the President of the Court until the day he died.

His home in the Julis village became a place of pilgrimage for the Druze from Israel, Syria and Lebanon. Sheikh Tarif worked hard for the rights of his community and initiated the renovation of the Druze holy places: the Tomb of Shu'eib (Jethro's Tomb) -as illustrated on the stamp - and the Tomb of Nabi Al-Khadr.

In 1990 Sheikh Ameen Tarif was awarded the Israel Prize for Special Contribution to Society and Country. Sheikh Tarif received the Israel Prize for his creative and constructive spiritual leadership of the Druze communtiy for more than sixty years.

His morals and actions were an example to both the Druze community and Israeli society. Sheikh Tarif helped develop the close alliance between the Druze community and the State, which culminated in 1956 when compulsory military service was extended to the community.

Sheikh Tarif held close relations with the governments of Israel and thousands, including many public figures, attended his funeral. His grandson Sheikh Muafak Tarif was chosen to take over the Druze leadership.

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Sheikh Ameen Tarif (1898-1993) Druse Community Leader