Children and Wheels

  • Issue: December 2003
  • Designer: Tamar Moshkovitz
  • Stamp Size: 30.8 mm x 30.8 mm
  • Plate no.: 525 (phosphorescent papar)
  • Sheet of 12 stamps Tabs: 4
  • Printers: De La Rue Global Services
  • Method of printing: Offset


The bicycle was invented in 1690 for moving faster than walking. More advanced models were developed during the 18th century but bicycles with pedals didn't appear until 1839 in Scotland. In 1870 and 1874 bicycles were developed with pedals and chains so that the wheels could be turned a number of times whilst only pushing the pedal once.

There are a number of types of bicycles: city bikes; mountain and cross country bikes with many gears, tough frames and wide grooved tires for cycling different terrain; road racing bikes characterized by their light weight of approximately 8 kg and narrow tires to reduce friction and increase speed; and trick bikes (BMX).

Bicycle road racing began in the 19th century when the most famous race was the "Tour de France". Around 1980 mountain biking appeared in the USA and took over the world. It was recognized as an Olympic event in 2000. The Israel Cycling Federation has been functioning for more than 50 years and its members compete throughout the year, in road races and mountain bike trials, as well as represent Israel in European and World championships. When cycling, it is most important to wear a helmet, suitable clothing, drink plenty of water and take care from cars.

Dr. Yoni Yarom, Chairman of the Israel Cycling Federation


The skateboard originated in America in the 1950's. Surfers, who were looking for an alternative to the sea when there weren't enough waves, attached a simple board to two sets of roller skate wheels and that's how the first skateboard was created.

Over the years, the sport developed and a culture of its own was created. Equipment improved and skating styles changed. Today the trend in surfing is to carry out skateboard maneuvers on the water.

Snowboarding is also copied from skateboarding although snowboarders carry out larger and more spectacular exercises.

Skateboarding became popular amongst all, after the introduction of the first "Playstation" games with Tony Hawk, the World Skateboard Champion. Today the sport is very popular all over the world and completely professional.

Roller Blades

Roller blades were developed by ice-hockey players who wanted to play the game on hard surfaces as well as on ice. They attached four wheels in a line, one after the other, in place of the blade on the ice-hockey skates, hence the name "roller blade". The combination of wheels made from relative flexible material and the capability of easy maneuvering made the roller blade preferable to the old skates that everyone knew and they became a great hit in the mid-1990's.

At first roller blades were used as an alternative in ice-hockey games and also as an efficient way of getting around. Soon, however, skaters created a new style called "Aggressive": this is the style that is apparent today in this sport and its based on maneuvers that are taken from skateboarding including jumps and somersaults in the air. The roller blades themselves have also changed; today, they are lower with very small wheels allowing for skating on railings and different shaped iron pipes.
Skateboarding and rollerblading must be only on safe surfaces and it is recommended to use knee pads and a helmet.

Reuven (Ruby) Adi, Israel Skateboard Champion 1983-1989
Director and Founder of Israel Skateboard and Roller Blade Club

Scooter (push scooter)

The scooter consists of a two-wheeled board and pole with steering handles. One holds the handles and with one foot on the board the other pushes the ground for momentum. In the past children built their own scooters with wood and small wheels. Today scooters are sold in shops and are made of light metal.

Gidi Marinsky
Israel Philatelic Service

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Children and Wheels